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Real human hair wigs look very healthy and soft and the best way to create a 100% natural look. They have the advantage of being very versatile and can be styled using heat, for example with curling tongs or blow dryers and will return to their natural style when washed. Human hair wigs can also be dyed and like natural growing hair, the colour will fade when washed.

To keep them looking at their luxurious best, it is recommended to wash and condition a human hair wig more regularly than a synthetic wig.

Real hair wigs and hairpieces are generally more expensive than those manufactured using man made fibre, largely because of expensive processing techniques and the limited availability of natural hair.

Browse through our selection of real hair wigs from the Celebrity wig, a fashionable bob shaped wig with a flattering fringe, and Event wig a short styled piece with a modern edge, to the Victory wig which oozes sophistication and the Kylie hairpiece, a long wig with a feathered fringe which frames the face beautifully.



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